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How to Surprise Your Loved One This Valentine's Day!

How to Surprise Your Loved One This Valentine's Day!

beach picnic for valentine's day

Not sure how to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day? Here are my top 10 ideas that promise to deliver a lotta love to your special someone. 

  1. Romantic picnic at the beach, park, or best of all your living room! Decorate with roses, candles, champagne and your babes favorite dessert. 

  2. Surprise him in the morning with hot coffee and homemade heart waffles in bed. Top it off with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Yumm.

  3. Write a song (the worse your tune the better!) Pour your heart out by writing and singing a song to your loved one. Start by writing sentences and then group them together to form lyrics. Perhaps start with one of your favorite songs and mimic the beat to help develop your rhythm.
  4. It's clear that girls love romantic surprises, but I'm here to remind you that guys do too! Surprise your man at work during his lunch hour and steal him away (if you can't swing this have a special delivery made... coffee, desserts or even flowers...) 

  5. Create homemade Valentine's love notes and sprinkle them around the house and in his daily routine. Slip one into his wallet, his shoes, next to his toothbrush, the more the better! 

  6. Surprise him by getting his car detailed cleaned. Have it washed, waxed, vacuumed and detailed. Add the cherry on top by filling it with gas too. 

  7. Feeling creative? Prepare a romantic treasure hunt. When he gets home from work let the treasure hunt begin. Lead him through fun clues that test your relationship and ultimately end with your grand finale valentines gift.

  8. Do you remember your first date? Plan a night out and replicate that first date. A walk down memory lane and where your love began.

  9. Have your favorite saying to each other tastefully engraved on something he will use. For example - the inside of a wallet, his favorite coffee mug or on a heart patch that you can sew to the back of his favorite tie. My husband and I have "forever love" engraved on the inside of his wedding band and on a necklace he gave me the day of our wedding. These are such special pieces to us. 

  10. Decorate your bedroom with rose petals, candles and dimmed lights. The rest I'll leave up to you!

   Wishing you lots of love this Valentine's Day! Have other fun ideas?
Share with  us in the comments field below! 

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Jan 23, 2019

Surprise him with tickets to a sporting event (his favorite team or sport) or with tickets to go see one of his favorite bands or artists! ❤️


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