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Hello, Witty Bash

Hello, Witty Bash

Where it all began.  My love for party planning.

Straight out of college, my internship lead me to my first full-time position as Office Manager with Modern Luxury, a luxury lifestyle publication.  This job had me sitting at the front reception desk ordering toilet paper, coffee, and collecting mail.  Despite the not-so-glamorous responsibilities, I felt like the President of the United States sitting in that chair!  I made hardly any money, but o-m-gee, I was working for a luxury magazine right out of school.

A few changes within the company occurred just as I got hired including a new boss lady coming onboard.  I’m talking Devil-Wears-Prada boss lady.  I’ll never forget my first meeting with her.  She asked me, “So, what do you do here?”  My chipper reply:  “I help whoever needs help; I order toilet paper, collect mail, and look pretty at the front desk.”  She immediately gave me a blank stare and our conversation ended abruptly.  A week later she informed me that she was restructuring my position within Modern Luxury and I would become the Office Manager and Event Coordinator with the very big responsibility of planning special events (with her guidance) for the magazine.  She said, “You’ll swim or you’ll drown and it’s up to you to decide your future.”  In that moment I decided “I can,” and “I will achieve” this position.  I also realized in that moment the Devil-Wears-Prada boss lady wasn’t so bad after all and how lucky I was to have been given such an opportunity. 

Fast forward 5 years with the magazine and putting on over 200 events with reputable brands such as Ted Baker, Neiman Marcus, Ferrari, Tiffany & Co., and so many more, I would say I had completely fallen in love with creating beautiful experiences. I discovered that party planning owned a piece of my heart. 

Hello Witty Bash!

The idea of Witty Bash was born one night while on the phone with my best friend—my grandma.  I wanted to begin a business of my own, but couldn’t clearly see my path ahead.  She steered me through an hour-long conversation, repeatedly asking me to consider, “How can you use the talent and skills you’ve developed in order to maximize your passion?”  Clearly, I wanted to continue in the field of event planning. I had a moment of realization that helping others to plan magical parties of their own could be the basis for a successful business.  I began researching day and night to find the best manufacturers that were developing the highest quality and most attractive products.  Since then, I have worked hard to curate a site with the goal of it being a true one-stop shop for unique party supplies.

I am beyond excited about the opportunities to come with having launched my new website and blog where I can make party planning easy for my customers as well as share insider tips and tricks to entertaining.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you for following along and helping me make Witty Bash possible.

Time to pop some bubbly.  Cheers to Grama as I go live with my first blog, ever.  YAY!


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