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It's a Boy!

It's a Boy!

Hi friends! For those that don't already know, we're having our first baby this April and IT'S A BOY! Pregnancy. Whew! What a crazy, amazing, life-changing journey. Many bump pictures, hurdles to clear, and sweet moments of feeling a baby kick inside your belly for the first time. Such a gift ... I am grateful every day for my little guy that I love so much already. 

As a party planner and Owner of Witty Bash, I have had my fair share of planning baby showers. Extravagant showers for glowing mamas! To have my very own was such a surreal feeling. My rockstar mother hosted the most beautiful experience for me and baby with our closest friends and family up in Northern California. It was so beautiful, I had to share with you all. I hope this brings you inspiration if you're in the midst of planning a shower or special occasion for a friend or loved one. 

its a boy balloon and sign at front door

Hanging at the front door was this cute personalized sign and a Witty Bash baby buggy balloon. Perfect little touch for welcoming guests and the mama-to-be. 

baby shower sign a book

As guests arrived, they were asked to sign one of baby's first books called "Hello Hello." If you have a specific shower theme, it's fun to find a book that ties in with that.  

Warm up the space with a simple balloon garland!  Click here to shop Witty Bash latex balloons.

The shower has begun! My mama and I striking a pose together. 

Simple and elegant table setup. My mom's design included all white linen with white folding chairs. She paired this with baby blue table runners and polyester napkins that were tied into bows. She then sprinkled baby blue confetti around the tables and had the cutest baby buggy cookies as a party favor for each guest!  The flowers were absolutely gorgeous... she used baby blue and white hydrangeas with a bundle of white tulips for each arrangement. This combination turned out so so pretty!! Did you know you can call Trader Joes and reserve flowers ahead of time? A little fun fact for you all. 

It's all about the details! Shop Witty Bash's "It's a Boy" cups

Okay, it's a fact ... my mom is literally an expert at creating the most delicious and pretty charcuterie boards. Her trick is getting the best ingredients possible from either Whole Foods or other nearby natural markets. The quality and organic touch really spruces things up. Guests nibbled on this appetizer paired with yummy champagne as they arrived. It was perfect. Shop Witty Bash's baby blue appetizer plates and "It's a Boy" napkins

I had to take a picture with this cake! Have you ever seen anything cuter? It was topped with buttercream baby booties. Absolutely delicious! 

My mom and mother-in-law surprised me with this sweet flower crown. Little did they know it matched my dress perfectly! I have to say, wearing a flower crown for the day makes every lady feel extra special. Great surprise for whomever your showering! 

Shop Witty Bash's cute stork party napkins and "It's a Boy!" napkins

Fun sweet treats for guests to enjoy. In case you're wondering, yes, I tried one of everything. 

Momosa Bar! Fresh berries, orange juice and Mumm's champagne. 

Shop Witty bash's "It's a Boy" garland. Each pack contains every letter in the alphabet making it easy to personalize your parties. 

My sweet husband arrived just in time for dessert and gifts!

Lunch Menu
My shower was catered which made things much easier on my mom hosting the event. Plus, the food was the highlight! It was so fresh and delicious!! Here is the menu in case you'd like to replicate something similar.  Guests absolutely loved it. 
baby shower lunch menu
Baby Shower Activities
As everyone was just about finished with lunch each guest went around saying how they knew me (the mama-to-be) and/or my husband. They also threw in a little piece of parental advice. I enjoyed this part of the shower because it brought everyone together to say something special. Highly recommend at your next hosted shower!

We also played two games: 1) Animal gestation - you match the average number of days each animal is pregnant. For $4 you can download a printable from this Etsy shop: Shower That Baby.  2) What is mommy craving? I wrote down 10 clues to items I have craved during my pregnancy and guests had to guess the answer. For example: something crunchy that you eat for breakfast and the answer was cereal. Guests seemed to enjoy these two games and they didn't require a ton of concentration. 

Have you played a fun baby shower game recently? Please share with us in the comments field below!! 

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