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Holiday Cracker Tradition

Holiday Cracker Tradition

I love that December reminds us to honor family traditions. What better tradition than making holiday crackers the star of conversation at Christmas dinner. What is a cracker?

A cracker is a party favor used at special events, dinners, and holidays.  Historically speaking they are used to decorate an individual's place setting and enjoyed at some point during dinner. Holiday crackers originated as a Christmas tradition in the UK around the 1840s and have now become a special tradition enjoyed by families worldwide. A cracker consists of a cardboard tube wrapped in festive paper to resemble an oversized candy twist.  Inside each cracker includes a colorful party crown, toy and silly joke that promises to get your guests laughing. The cracker is shared among two people, often with the arms crossed. Both will softly tug at each end creating the cracker to force open with a bang and pour out fun surprises! 

The Inventor

These sweet sensations were invented by Tom Smith, a London pastry chef, who came up with the idea while vacationing to Paris back in the mid-1800’s. He discovered a similar concept where the French custom wrapped sugar coated almonds and other various sweets in fancy colored paper. Upon Smith’s return to London, he incorporated a similar concept at his bakery selling sweets wrapped in paper with a riddle included. While Tom imagined this concept taking off, it never ended up to be much of a success. 

One evening while Tom was enjoying a fire in his home a sudden a lightbulb went off. He imagined how fun it would be if when pulling these fancy wrappers in half you could experience a small “pop.” And just like that, the concept of a party cracker was born. 

Eventually Tom passed away and his three sons Henry, Walter and Tom took over the family business. They brainstormed fresh ideas, traveled the world and collaborated on ways to further develop their father’s cracker concept and make it even more engaging. Walter introduced the hats into crackers and eventually fun little gifts too. The company took off and many family traditions were developed.

Here at Witty Bash, we are all about creating memories and traditions to live on forever. From our table to yours, we hope your holiday is filled with warmth, family tradition, and lots of cracker poppin’! Shop our collection of holiday crackers >>

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