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DIY Party Signs

DIY Party Signs

Helllllo, pretty party signs! If you're like me and don't have the greatest penmanship, but wish you did ... we have the BEST DIY tutorial that promises to have you creating signs like a pro in no time.  Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine and join me for some fun! 

To start, you need to decide what material you will be using to create your sign. Popular signs I love are made with acrylic, chalkboard, wood and good ol' paper. Once you have that figured out, you will need to purchase transfer paper. For those unfamiliar with transfer paper - it is your new best friend! In a nutshell, it transfers your design from one surface to another. It produces waxless, greaseless, clean tracings that lay lightly on the surface and are easy to erase. 

Here is your step-by-step:

  • Step 1: Hop onto pages or word from your computer. Pick out a pretty font, create your sign and then click print. Be sure to scale it large enough for your sign. This may require printing multiple pages.
  • Step 2: With scissors, cut around the lettering and design of your printout.
  • Step 3: Get your transfer paper ready! Test which side transfers the sketch by placing the transfer paper against your sign and apply pressure with your pencil in a corner.... you should see this marking transfer. If not, flip the transfer paper over and try the other side.
  • Step 4: Tape your cutouts to the correct side of your transfer paper, then cut around your lettering again.
  • Step 5: Position your cutouts as you want them to appear on your sign and stick them in place with a little tape. I recommend using washi tape... it doesn't leave sticky residue behind.
  • Step 6: It's time. You may begin tracing! 
  • Step 7: Carefully peel off the tape and you'll see your lovely creation.
  • Step 8: Apply finishing touches - go over the tracings with a marker. I recommend chalk or paint pens, depending on what surface you're working with.

DIY party signs

Useful Tip:
Amazon sells an array of different colored transfer paper. Be sure to pick out the correct color. For example, if you're working with a black chalkboard you'll want to buy white transfer paper so that you can see the tracings clearly. 

DIY party signDIY party sign

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