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DIY Cheesecloth Table Runners

DIY Cheesecloth Table Runners

Looking for pretty table runners and can't find the color you're wanting? I have an easy step-by-step process for creating beautiful DIY cheesecloth table runners. It's fun, creative and a money-saver! 

Supplies you'll need:
1. Plastic bucket(s) 
2. Plastic gloves
3. A big spoon for stirring
4. RIT Dye
5. Cheesecloth
6. Clothes line

I used RIT dye for my runners and was very pleased with the turnout! You can find this brand in the majority of craft stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.) RIT has a great website offering different dye formulas and instructions based on type of fabric. I dyed my runners "light blue" which included 1 tablespoon royal blue and a half teaspoon of petal pink dye. 

When dying your fabric you'll want to have a large dyebath to allow space for the fabric to float loosely in the water. That way the dye sets into the fabric evenly. After dunking my cheesecloth into the dyebath, I began to panic... it looked as though the fabric was wilting away. Don't be alarmed if you encounter the same thing. Given its loose-woven, gauze-like nature it looks funny when wet, but once dry it is a beautiful, rustic looking piece of fabric. 

Click here for color formulas >>
Click here for instructions on how to mix colors >>

RIT dye and cheeseclothRIT dye light blueboy shower table setup by the poolbaby shower by the pool

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 hanging fabric and silver stars


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Jul 21, 2020

What grade of cheesecloth did you use for the table runners?


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