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DIY Balloon Garland

DIY Balloon Garland

Looking for fun party decor? Balloon garlands are the perfect way to add pop to your parties and they are surprisingly very simple to create. With our step by step instructions we're going to make you look like a pro! Let's dive in.

Witty Bash DIY Balloon Garland

Items you’ll need:
1. Balloon air pump (Amazon has great options)
2. Latex balloons in assorted sizes
2. Latex glue dots 
3. Balloon decorative strip (tip: there are lots on the market, the harder the plastic material the better)
4. Command hooks for hanging (indoors), heavy duty tape or nails and hammer (outdoors)

Blow up your balloons with an air pump. Take the decorative strip and push each balloon tie one by one into the holes. I recommend doing every other hole, or every two holes. Also, just stick the standard size latex balloons into the holes, save your smaller balloons off to the side. The strip will begin forming your garland! Once finished with this hang the garland where you wish. You may use heavy duty tape, nails or command hooks.

Once you have your garland hung up, grab your smaller balloons. I find it easiest if these balloons are in a trash bag, so you have access to them easily. Grab your latex glue dots. Place 1-2 dots on each small balloon and stick them within the holes to fill in your garland.

Location of your garland and weather do play a role in whether you need latex glue dots of a cold glue gun (yes, COLD... see link). If I were installing at the beach where it is windy, I would use a cold glue gun (the balloons will stick better in this case ... ps - be sure you have access to power!). If you're installing indoors or outside (with fairly nice weather) latex glue dots are perfectly fine! 

Timing: Balloons may be blown up the day before - score! I would give yourself 30 minutes to blow up the balloons, 30-45 minutes placing each balloon into the decorative strip and another hour to hang the garland and fill in the holes with your smaller balloons. 

That’s it! Enjoy!

Did you know we offer DIY ballon kits starting at $50. This includes an assortment of latex balloons within your color palate, our favorite latex glue dots and balloon strip. The perfect garland size to create as a backdrop to your dessert stations! E-mail us at: hello@wittybash.com with your color palate or mood board and we will take it from there. 

rainbow balloon garland for little girls birthday

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