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Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle

Oh baby, baby... !

We had the privilege of planning a stunning baby sprinkle this past weekend for a dear customer of ours and we're here to share the fun details with you! Traditionally speaking, a "baby sprinkle" is meant to be a mini version of a baby shower thrown for a mama-to-be with her second or third baby on the way.  We styled this sprinkle with simplicity in mind; however there was no shortage of tasty treats, good vibes and lots of love for mom! The recipe to a successful sprinkle is to incorporate cute, yet minimal decor, yummy food, sweet treats, beverages and a few games (if mama is one that enjoys games). 

How sweet!
No party is complete without a cute dessert bar. Would you agree? We served pink macaroons and mini strawberry cupcakes. We ordered these sweet treats from a local bakery Sugar & Scribe; however if you're baking from your own kitchen Lauren Conrad has an awesome sugar cookie recipe and tutorial on her blog.

We decorated the dessert bar with balloon cloud clusters and pink raindrops which was so easy to DIY! See steps below. 

baby shower dessert tableballoon cloud clusters
Items you'll need to make balloon cloud clusters + raindrop garlands:

DIY Raindrops

colorful raindrops
Raindrop Garlands: 
Step 1: with your paper and raindrop hole puncher in hand, begin punching out the drops. This puncher works like a charm and is super fast and easy to use. You'll notice the puncher cuts out 2 different sized raindrops, use both sizes, or pick a size you like best. 

Step 2:
next, cut the skinny twine at any length that works best for your raindrop garland. From there lay it flat on a table. 

Step 3:
place 1 raindrop under the string and use a glue dot to adhere another raindrop on top of it (sandwiching the string in between)... this will allow for both sides of the garland (front and back) to be pretty.  

Step 4:
repeat as many times as needed. I recommend at least 4 raindrop garlands per cluster of balloons. 

Balloon Clusters:
Step 1:
blow up your balloons with air (not helium). You can inflate by mouth or with an air pump (I highly recommend using an air pump!) This is the one I used, see link. This pump is electronic and such a life saver! You can purchase on Amazon or from your local party shop.

Step 2:
Once you have the balloons blown up, begin clustering them together one by one with either latex glue dots or with the cold glue gun. If using glue dots, cluster a few dots in one area of the balloon then press it against another balloon. If using the cold glue, give the balloon a good glob of glue then adhere to another balloon. NOTE: when clustering the balloons together, try your best to hide the balloon ties by facing them towards the back. 

Step 3:
Once you have about 10 balloons blown up and glued/clustered together, cut a piece of string to cover the length of your "cloud" and begin weaving it up, around and through the balloons. 

Step 4:
Go to the wall, window, or backdrop of where you'll be hanging the "clouds" and tape the string (with connected balloons) to the surface! Make sure to use enough tape to hold the clusters. Also, I will warn you of something I ran into -- if you are taping to a window that has sun beaming in, the tape could warm up and peel off, so just make sure to use durable table and avoid the window... rather, tape to the windowsill instead.

Step 5:
repeat as many times as necessary

Step 6:
 Once your cluster(s) are secure against your surface, tape your garlands on to the balloons as if they were rain. That's it! 

Note: if you have a short window of time to setup, I recommend creating your garlands ahead of time. You can even blow up your balloons the day before and place them in trash bags to be transported. 

On the Menu:

  • Tea Sandwiches: Cucumber and Herbed Goat Cheese, Chicken and Artichoke Salad, Egg Salad with Dill and Capers
  • Cheese, Fruit and Crackers
  • Lemon Water and Pink Lemonade

event cheese platterbaby shower food displaytea sandwhichespink lemonade station

Additional Decor & Guest Favors:

Witty Bash Rose Gold "Oh Baby" Balloon Banner + Pink Tassels. These balloons are super easy to self-inflate manually with a straw and offer instant party decor! We used pink tassels to fill in the gaps and make the banner more impactful. 

oh baby party balloons

 Welcome Sign at Entrance:

baby shower welcome sign

Guest Favors: 

Baby shower sugar cookiesbaby shower guest favorsmama to be at baby shower

items to shop on Wittybash.comA. Petite Stork Pinata // B. Colorful Floral Party Plates // C. Oh Baby Letter Balloons // D. White Latex Balloons & Pink Bottle Balloon Weight // E. Pink Party Cups // F. Pink Party Tassels // G. Oh Baby Napkins - sold out // H. Rose Gold Sequin Table Runner


If you are looking for fun game ideas that are not cheesy and actually fun to play, I recommend you check out The Bump's top 43 games to play list!
You can thank me later  >>

Will you be executing any of our ideas for your next shower? We're wishing you an enjoyable experience if you do! Let us know how it turns out. 

Thank you @saraggedulin and @houseandhoundrescue for allowing us to feature your party!

Jul 28, 2018

So beautiful and managed, doing it by my own is very difficult I want to make my wife’s birthday special is there any professional who can help me out ?


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